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Communities of Opportunity (COO) is a new system launched by the city of San Francisco, residents of the southeast corner of the city, and philanthropic organizations to fundamentally change the way these three groups work together to transform a neighborhood. 

COO is about radical ideas to leverage long standing systems of social services and bring in new proven or promising practices to revitalize four corners of the city that have been long neglected. Leveraging over $1 billion in economic catalysts, COO will help change the community in a way that helps residents.

COO is a covenant for the city and nonprofits to be accountable for outcomes, and for the residents to be accountable for participating and holding the city to its promises.

Join us.

Warning: COO is not your typical initiative, it is about real life and its interconnected pathways for change that can only be understood in relation to each other. Come explore how change starts here.




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